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What is a soul call?

A soul call is a cry for help from one soul to another. It is a desire, a 
prayer, a request to the universe, to God, or whatever you have chosen to 
believe in, to bring aid and help deliver the caller from their current 

No prayer goes unanswered. (When you do pray, make sure you choose your 
words very carefully, and ask exactly for what you are after.) How they are 
answered does vary though. One way is by another person receiving a soul 

Remember that nothing is random. There is a purpose to everything we have 
called into our lives, even if it does produce undesired results or what has 
manifested does not suit your path. However, consciously, or unconsciously, 
we do call it into our lives. 

 So it's important to make your every thought in line with what you wish. 
Every action and word should reflect what you want to experience. 

 If you listen to people, you'd be surprised just how they are continuously 
making negative statements as they are fact, and then finding that such 
statements produce that experience.  And thus they reinforce a negative 
personal reality. 

People will come to this realization in their own time, normally when they 
have become weary of the pain and dramas in their life. And is it at that 
point where they send out a call for out. 

Those who receive such a soul call will feel an irresistible pulling towards 
the caller. For some, it will be like they are falling in love and all they 
know and feel is this almost irresistible compulsion to contact the person 
and know as much about them as they can find out.  It is very difficult to 
ignore as you will always find it pulling at you the moment you let your 
guard down. 

Generally, opportunities will arise where the two people will meet, and 
situations tend to occur where the true nature of the call is revealed and 
the one called knows exactly what needs to be done. 

Empaths may experience a lot of soul calls. This is especially true if they 
are on road to self realization, and calls come to them, almost like 

 *How long do they take?* 

A soul call may vary in how long it takes to complete. It depends on if the 
person answering is aware, and understands the nature of the call. 

The call can be as simple as giving the right words at the right time, such 
as delivering a message. Or it can be helping someone get to a safe place in 
their life. It can be helping someone stop a psychic attack that is 
happening to them. Some may go on for years, while others may last mere 

It is also no uncommon to get more than one call at once. 

*What do I get out of answering a soul call?* 

There is an enormous amount of knowledge, experience and self realization to 
be gained by answering a soul call. While you are helping the caller, you 
may discover things about yourself that you never knew or even suspected. 
This is often an opportunity for growth and the outcomes can be beyond your 
wildest dreams. 

Iíve also found that even if the soul call required giving financial 
assistance, I always had enough to do what needed, and indeed, found that 
the resources would arrive just before the soul call did. 

*What a soul call is not.* 

Soul calls are basically asking the universe for help. If you try to use it 
to target a specific person, it doesn't tend to work. You cannot use it as a 
tool to manipulate others. You certainly cannot use it to make someone fall 
in love with you and even if you could, why would you want to manipulate 
someone in that way, especially if you truly did love them? 

The person who answers is normally the person who is most qualified to help, 
even if they are not who or what you were expecting. 

*Frequently asked questions.* 

*How do you know when it is necessary to contact a person by phone, etc,?  * 

 You will feel the pull. Normally it won't let you be until you make 
contact. Trusting your feelings is the key, even if they seem totally 
illogical and insane.  The best way to explain your actions is to tell the 
person that you had a very strong feeling you needed to contact them, and 
you apologize if you are intruding. 

*How do you break the soul connection from a person that does not want to 
let go of the past or forgive?  * 

I, myself, have used two main methods. 

 One is to use Bach Flower Remedies. Walnut is known as the link breaker. 
Sweet Chestnut if you need to accept a new belief system that this person 
shouldn't be in your life. Pine if they are using guilt to make you stay 
connected. Red Chestnut if you are over concerned for them. 

 The other is visualizing the link between you both, and then using a 
spiritual silver scissors to cut it. This one worked quite strongly for me 
when someone had hooked into my energies one time 

*Do  all soul calls consists of bad news only?  * 

No, not always. It can be also for people you are about to share an 
experience with or help shift to another level. If you wish to have more 
pleasant experiences, you can always state the intention to the universe (or 
whatever you believe in) and it will happen. 



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