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So, what other things can these attacks consist of?

Good question. I've seen a bit said and written about psychic attacks, but it never seems to go into much detail on the many form it can take. This list is what I've observed, but by no means a conclusive one. I've fathomed there are three levels of attack. Low, medium and high. The lower the attack the more blatant it is and the less energy that might be needed to make it happen.

Personal Attack on the Physical Body (low level)

This can take the form of aches, pains, stomach aches, cramps, etc.

Attack on the Mental Body (Medium level)

This is where you psyche is directly attacked. You might feel emotions such as guilt, hatred, jealousy, envy, depression, fear, etc.

Attack on the Spiritual Body. (High level)

The temptation or the pressure to do things you normally won't do such a illegal or immoral activities, or the feeling to do something take bad risks or do something dangerous that you normally wouldn't do.

Circumstantial Timing attack. (High level)

Things appear to be arranged for impossible, but contrived timing of events to cause maximum inconveniences. For example, you might turning into a side street late at night, and the only car on the road just happens to be coming to block you.

Balking attack (Medium level)

Stops certain things, events from happening or people from doing things.

Direct attack (Medium level)

A physical manifestation of some kind such as noises or things disappearing or moving.

Residue attacks (Low level) 

This are like psychic time bombs. This leaves elemental forms or vibrations that will affect people who are in their immediate presence. Often a sensitive can detect it as a tingling or a uncomfortable feeling. It may keep people away or even put them into a bad mood for no apparent reason.

It is possible that more than one method might be used and that you could be attacked on all levels at once.

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