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Welcome to the Empath Resorce Site. A place created for empaths by an empath. To navigate around, please click on the links to the left.

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Empath Guidebook
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What is an Empath?
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Signs of being an Empath
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Empath and Spiritual chat room.

For those curious, the old chatroom won out. The new one will no longer be supported.

If anyone knows of a kick-ass type chat interface which is morefunctional than the current one, let me know at

You may log in as a guest or register your name.

Basic rules are be nice to each other and don't attack others.

if you really insist on there being rules, though, please read the following:

Welcome to the Empath/Spiritual Support Chatroom!
This is a chatroom community that works collectively to offer support to empaths as well as for those with questions, seeking support, seeking friendship as well as seeking knowledge into themselves - the realization of you.

All chatters are expected to keep this place as a supportive environment for others. This chatroom is a space where mature/respectful people can engage in all kinds of conversations from spiritual talk as well as simple chit-chat.

Politeness and basic social etiquette are very important here.


Upon entering, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

All (be it animal, mineral or vegetable as well as light or dark) are welcome here.

Just follow the rules of courtesy (be civil, make good choices, share and share alike, etc...)

Be respectful to each other as well as your own self.

Free free to express, discover, work through your troubles and be "yourself".

Support others through positive times as well as negative times. (Give your friend a shoulder to cry on or to vent to in times of personal turmoil.)

Reassure and/or validate each other as well as yourself.

Feel free to agree to disagree or agree to agree. (Agreeing and/or disagreeing is only human to do.)

Have constructive discussions, informational debates as well as friendly disagreements .

Laughter is the best medicine. A sense of humor is recommended.

Treat others as you (and they) would like to be treated.

Let intention and your conscience be your guide.

Other things to keep in mind:

Foul language IS permitted. Sexuality discussion IS permitted. Working through your own personal negative issues IS permitted and highly encouraged. Speaking of heavy political issues/current world issues IS welcome (these are hard times for all of us). You may speak and it is highly encouraged to speak about your own personal issues you are "working" through as well as the concerns you have about your situation and the world since the world at the moment is a very difficult/confusing/hostile place for many.


The Empath and Spiritual Support Chat is moderated. Moderators can be identified by a white icon. The moderators are here to help all chatters with any questions about empathic/spiritual topics as well as concerns or comments about the chatroom.

They can be very useful in helping when any support is needed or mediating when a friendly disagreement happens.

With the help of chatters like you, we can all pitch in to maintain a pleasant environment for everyone.


The following are not permitted:

1) Antagonism, aggression, intimidation, prejudice, malicious or negative intention.
2) Forcing of an opinion or derision of another's views as well as scapegoating or victimizing against another person.
3) Use of the chatroom for destructive, deceptive or manipulative purposes.
4) Personal attacks, personal insults, impersonating another chatter, condemning another chatter.
5) No trolling, spamming, baiting, entraping, flaming or posting links of sexual explicit material (aka porn).
Most of the time, the situation works itself out with little need for any kind of mediation. Since this chat is moderated, it is up to the discretion of the moderators to help mediate a situation that persists where there is a chatter(s) that choose(s) to not abide by the guidelines, either intentionally as well as unintentionally. However, in cases where a chatter chooses to continue to not abide by the guidelines, the chatter may be silenced, kicked or in severe cases, banned from the room.

If you feel that these guidelines are not your piece of cake, feel free to choose any of these alternatives:

Empath Chat (umoderated)

Indigo Children Speak (unmoderated)

The Lost Way (Lelitu's Moderated Chat) (moderated)

Empath Community (unmoderated)

Crystal Mountain Spiritual Chat (moderated)

Indigo Chatroom (unmoderated)


Everyone is welcome. Support is given to all. :) Enjoy your stay! ^__^


The chats are logged daily. Chat logs can only be reviewed by Mari (phoenix_rekindled) and Gary (The Phoenix). For any questions and/or concerns about the room, feel free to email: Mari (phoenix_rekindled) -